identity student ministry

This is a place where students can encounter God, make some great friends, and have a blast. We intentionally cultivate a safe and welcoming environment that's designed specifically for middle and high school students. It's a great place to learn practical, exciting biblical lessons that guide students through their spiritual development.

Identity is not just a ministry for the teenagers of Hope Anthem Church. Identity has become something much bigger. Churches from all over the community are coming together in unity to make sure the teenagers of Ottawa have a safe place to find and follow Jesus. At Hope Anthem, we are big believers in the big "C" Church. We believe Jesus wanted his church to be in unity and not divided like we've seen in the past. That's why we're pulling together our resources and forming an amazing night that students can call their own.

Every Sunday night, students can come together to:

  • give their worship to God by singing songs
  • make friends with teens from around the community
  • play some high energy games and activities
  • win giveaway prizes
  • serve in the church in various roles
  • listen to a practical message that makes sense
  • meet in small groups with other teens and leaders
  • and best of all, further their relationship with God